The resilience of the Sydney Property Market has been proven once again this year, surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic and producing some astounding results for buyers and sellers alike. This begs the question, if I am looking to buy in 2021, when is the best time to start my search?

There are effectively two main questions prospective buyers should be considering at the moment, being:

1. How do I access the best opportunities available to me, and;

2. How do I best avoid competition, and over paying for a property, given the current demand for high quality property.

The period upcoming to Christmas and New Year holiday period provides an important and rare (once a year) opportunity for buyers to address the above questions in a way that is most likely to benefit them. The key to this lies in accessing property due to be listed for sale in 2021, prior to competition, and using dates to your advantage.

A prepared buyer who begins a search in the last weeks of 2020, will be able to access these properties “off market”, as agents begin to prepare for campaigns launching in 2021. This means that these buyers will have seen the stock due to become available in the first week of the 2021 selling season.

If you are considering buying property in 2021, our strong advice is to commence your search in December, 2020. This allows you to access the stock available at the start of 2021, while it is available off market.

This is a unique, once a year opportunity made even more important by strong buyer demand.

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