How we work


Step one

Let's Meet

We kickstart our journey with a meet-and-greet, a chance to shake hands and sync up on your property pursuit. Our time together is all about diving into what makes you tick, unraveling the essence of what truly matters in your property quest.


Step two

The Search Begins

Armed with your vision, we spring into action, taking your brief straight to the market. Our secret weapon? An expansive database of 800+ local real estate agents, ensuring you a panoramic view of the market like never before.


Step three

Finding Your Home

We’re in full hunt mode, leaving no stone unturned in our quest for your ideal property. Our strategy? A comprehensive approach, encompassing property visits, agent listing dissection, direct vendor engagement, and exploring off-market prospects. We’re not afraid to employ creative tactics, like door knocking, leaflet drops, or direct mailouts, to uncover hidden gems. This phase typically spans 6-8 weeks, during which we’ll keep you in the loop with regular updates. As the search deepens, a curated shortlist of potential properties will take shape, tailored to your consideration.


Step four


Get ready to hit the ground exploring. We’re right there with you, attending on-site inspections, so you can lay eyes on the properties we’ve curated just for you. Our goal? To offer you the luxury of private viewings, granting you all the time you need to soak in each property’s potential.

Can’t make it in person? No worries, we’ve got your back. We can step in as your eyes and ears, ensuring you don’t miss out on any crucial details even if you can’t be there physically. Your convenience is our priority.


Step five

Due Diligence

With the perfect property in our sights, it’s time for the vital Due Diligence phase to ensure a hiccup-free future. Our approach is thorough and exhaustive, covering every angle to guarantee a smooth journey ahead. This meticulous process encompasses:

  1. Facilitating building and pest reports
  2. Coordinating and reviewing comprehensive Strata Reports
  3. Rigorous pricing research to gauge accurate value
  4. Engaging with third-party tradesmen for detailed work quotes, if necessary
  5. Collaborating with local councils and Government Authorities to scrutinize for potential Development Applications or upcoming projects that might impact the property.

Your peace of mind is our priority, and our Due Diligence process is a testament to that commitment. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring your investment is rock-solid.


Step six

Liaising with Other Professionals

Consider us your orchestrators of efficiency. We maintain consistent communication with your Solicitor, Mortgage Broker, or Bank to ensure they’re primed for swift action in securing the property. Serving as your liaison, we provide clear directives to these experts on your behalf, essentially stepping in as your “Operations Manager.” This dynamic role involves seamless coordination of all parties involved in the process, guaranteeing the most streamlined and efficient outcome imaginable. Our goal is to create a harmonious symphony of collaboration, ensuring the property acquisition journey is a masterpiece of efficiency and success.


Step seven


As the Due Diligence phase wraps up, you’ll possess a robust understanding of the potential purchase’s value. Now, the negotiation dance begins. Armed with your directives, we dive in headfirst, employing our expertise to secure the most advantageous purchase price for the property you’re eyeing. Our goal is singular: to ensure you lock in the best deal possible while keeping your vision at the forefront of every negotiation maneuver. Your satisfaction is our ultimate triumph.


Step eight

Auction Bidding

Auctions can be a nerve-racking affair, especially for those unacquainted with the adrenaline rush they entail. But fear not, for we’re your Auction allies. We’ll stand by your side, attending auctions together and taking the reins as your bidder. This dual role ensures you’re not only represented but also shields you from the emotional whirlwind that auctions can bring. With us in your corner, you can confidently navigate the auction process, leaving the jitters at the door and focusing on making the best decisions for your property pursuit.


Step nine

Post Exchange Care

Our commitment is all-encompassing, covering every step of the way. When it comes to your Settlement Period, we’ve got you covered, ensuring you smoothly meet your contract obligations.

Before officially stepping into property ownership, meticulous inspection is key. Hidden damage or unfulfilled contract agreements can sour the experience. Fear not, we’re here to guide you through this critical phase, ensuring no loose ends remain untied before you grasp those keys to your new home. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can confidently embrace your new chapter with absolute peace of mind.


Step ten

Welcome home.

"The reviews here say it all: Matt is an absolute pleasure to work with – easygoing, upfront, unpretentious and professional."

- Nick & Georgia

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