It is fair to say that 2021 has been an absolutely crazy year for markets across the country, with Sydney, and in particular the Eastern Suburbs experiencing unprecedented price growth, lower than usual stock levels and huge buyer demand, often resulting in record prices.

This time of year – November and December traditionally brings a gradual slowdown of the market, before a sudden halt in December, as agents stop listing new property for sale for this year, and begin to prospect and sign up new listings, ready to come to market at the end of the holiday season.

While, to the untrained eye this may seem the wrong time to buy (often due to a lack of stock); for the prepared buyer, this time of year presents potentially the best time to buy a property.

There are a number of key reasons for this, including:

Getting in Early:

Just because Agents aren’t listing stock for 2021 anymore, this doesn’t mean that they stop listing property all together. Usually come Mid November, agents prospect hard to ensure that they walk into 2022 with a good amount of property to bring to market at the start of next year. This usually means that all of these “advanced listings” are available off-market to the right buyer. We use our extensive database of agents, and our local relationships to ensure that our clients are seeing this stock well in advance of rest of the market.

Buying in isolation, not competition:

At this time of year, the vast majority of buyers “switch off” their property search, ready to return once the holiday season ends. Usually, sentiment among buyers takes a downward turn, and buyers are less aggressive, as they are generally distracted by the upcoming holiday season, end of year deadlines, events, holidays and the like. This means that buyers who continue to pursue their search at this time of year generally face far less competition than they have done throughout the course of the past year, and certainly much less than they will come the start of next year when the majority of buyers return to market.

Tired Agents, Goals and KPI’s:

Like most of us, the vast majority of sales agents have not taken a break this year, and as a result, many of them are tired, worn out and a little bit “over it”. This presents a great opportunity for prepared buyers, as in most cases, agents become far easier to deal with, especially with a buyers agent on your side. At this time of year, many agents are on the hunt for ‘easy to put together’ deals to ensure they hit their targets prior to heading home for the break. By leveraging our database, relationships and ensuring that our highly qualified clients are front of mind, we present a great opportunity for these agents to fulfil these targets and goals, with minimal fuss, often resulting in a great result for our clients.

There is only 6 weeks left to really ramp up your search for 2021. Contact us today to find out how we can set out a plan for you to achieve your goals of buying this side of Christmas.


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